Michael Charlton Charltons Food Peterlee

Michael Charlton, who runs the company with his wife Alison and brother Steven, said: “At Charltons, it’s all about creating food from scratch. Most people think they’re eating healthy and that’s no always the case. Our food is freshly prepared and it’s important to us that people in the work place have access to not only healthy food, but delicious food too!”

Michael was inspired to set up Charltons Food after he continued to hear complaints from friends and family about how they were struggling to find healthy, delicious and reasonably priced foods at their work place. At the time Michael was living in Spain and the idea sprouted in a discussion over a BBQ one late evening.

In the summer of 2014 Michael moved back to the UK and began to gather his skills through working at local butchers, Italian and bakers. One year on Charltons now works with workplaces to ensure their tenants have access to healthy food.