HypeStar set to launch businesses into the stratosphere

North East business support firm Enterprise Made Simple is set to help budding entrepreneurs and established businesses supercharge their growth and success into the stratosphere with the launch of HypeStar, a unique new digital service offer.

The news follows the appointment of new Training Director James Lane, who joined the group last month to bolster the senior team’s digital training savvy. Following his appointment, James has been supporting the Enterprise Made Simple team to formalise the HypeStar service offer, which will focus solely on delivering digital and social media marketing skills training to pre-start businesses and established SMEs across the North East.

HypeStar’s training courses, which include accredited and non-accredited options at varying levels, will complement the wider Enterprise Made Simple offer. Thanks to HypeStar, the group now have a complete and compelling suite of services, all of which are geared towards boosting success and growth during every phase of a business’s life.

Phil Teasdale, Chief Executive at Enterprise Made Simple explains the thinking behind HypeStar: “Over the past eight years the Enterprise Made Simple group has developed a range of information, advice and guidance options for businesses. Regardless of the phase the company is in, or what the business owner wants to achieve, we will have a training option to support success. In the past few years, we have recognised that digital and social media marketing can massively enhance growth and the achievement of business goals, and saw training provision in this area as a real gap in the market. In HypeStar, we are now in a position to help businesses of all shapes and sizes use these tools to their advantage to really supercharge success.”

Recognising the time demands placed on entrepreneurs, HypeStar’s suite of courses will be delivered in a convenient and flexible way using a mix of traditional classroom learning and interactive online engagement. Offering courses at every level of ability, from beginners to those who have a solid grounding but are keen to understand more about how they can use digital marketing to enhance their business further, HypeStar’s courses have been developed to cover the full suite of digital marketing disciplines. The range of courses offered include social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising and search marketing, SEO and web development and design.

Director of Training James Lane, who boasts a 15 year career in IT and training, explains what sets HypeStar apart: “The HypeStar offer is different from other digital marketing training. Having worked in this industry for some time, I’ve come to realise that entrepreneurs that want to succeed are real ‘doers’, so it follows that the tools they need to achieve their goals need to be practical and hands on; so that’s what HypeStar training delivers. Regardless of what level a learner joins us at, they will quickly learn how to use the various digital marketing tools in a ‘real life’ way to take their business to the next level. Combined with the wider Enterprise Made Simple boot camps, courses and workshops, the group now has everything a business owner needs to succeed under one roof.”

The launch of Hype Star represents another major milestone for the Enterprise Made Simple group, which is celebrating eight years of supporting businesses to achieve their goals. In the past three years alone, the team has helped to create 1600 plus new businesses and more than 3000 jobs. The group has also led the charge to help workers affected by the closure of SSI, having helped ex-staff to start 210 new businesses thanks to their unique package of training, mentoring and ongoing support.

Whilst Phil feels that the launch of HypeStar is a major development that will make a massive difference to the success and growth of countless ambitious companies, he has many other goals, too: “By equipping people with the practical tools needed to deliver effective, impactful digital marketing, HypeStar will undoubtedly help countless entrepreneurs and business owners to supercharge their success and take their businesses to the next level. Along with everything else that Enterprise Made Simple offers, we aim to help a further 2000 businesses in the next two years to launch, grow and thrive.”

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