Bradley selected for cancer trials

Five-year-old Bradley Lowery has been accepted to undergo trials which are proving successful in the treatment of cancer.

Bradley, who has stage four neuroblastoma, could take part in the CAR T cell trial which is being funded by Cancer Research UK.

However, it will depend on how well Bradley is and the results of a scan to see if his current treatment is working.

Mum Gemma said: “Bradley has had a tough week with treatment and is still not too grand, but he is out of hospital now and spending some time with his grandparents.

“Myself and his dad are travelling down to London today to meet with a professor at Great Ormond Street hospital.

“Bradley has been accepted on a trial down there and we need to discuss it and sign consent.

“This trial is been funded by Cancer Research UK and is only phase one which means it is still in the very early stages but it has shown promise in other types of cancer.

“Bradley has scans next week to see if his current treatment is working, therefore we cannot decide what’s next until we get the scan results. We are hoping and praying for good news so please keep him in your prayers.”