‘Grand’ experience for brave little Bradley

Little Bradley Lowery had a day he’ll never forget just 24 hours after his parents Gemma and Carl were given “news no parent should have to hear”.

The five-year-old from Blackhall, who has captured the hearts of people around the world as he’s bravely fought rare cancer neuroblatoma, was given an honorary place at Saturday’s Grand National.

Bradley was given 41st place at Aintree and Gemma said: “Bradley wasn’t well first half of yesterday but he perked up later and had a brilliant day. #randoxhealth #aintree #thejockyclub pulled out all the stops to make the day amazing, all the staff were fantastic and couldn’t do enough for us.

“He got to meet some of the jockeys before the races, have his own little weigh in, and of course he met the winner of the Grand National at the end. This is an experience we will treasure forever.”

The family went ahead with their trip to Aintree just a day after they were told the treatment Bradley has been undergoing hasn’t worked.

Gemma said: “Scan results show treatment that Bradley has been receiving is not working, this means we will not get him cancer free as this was our last option.

“We can still go to London and receive the trial there however this a phase one trial and hasn’t shown any success in neuroblastoma up to now.

“We are understandably heart broken about the recent news hearing this type of thing never gets easier.

“We don’t know how long it will be before the cancer wins, but what we do know is that we will continue to make memories and enjoy our super hero every second of the day.

“Thank you to everyone for all your support.”