Labour candidate warns of proposed education cuts to Peterlee school

Easington Labour Candidate Grahame Morris has visited a Peterlee school to discuss Conservative Party proposed education cuts.

Mr Morris went to speak to staff at Dene Community School about research by the National Union of Teachers that warns under Tory education plans the school would lose £600 per pupil by 2019.

He said: “Dene Community School would be one of the worst affect by Tory education cuts. There can be no justification for such a cut or the failure to invest in our young people.

The Tories are failing our children with their chaotic education policy and constant changes. Millions have been wasted on failing Free Schools, they introduced then withdrew plans to make all schools academies and now they want to turn the clock back with the return of grammar schools.”

Mr Morris added:

“I believe we need to make every school a good school. This means stopping Tory education cuts and reducing class sizes.

Education is essential for delivering opportunity and improving the life chances for children in the Easington constituency.

Education is a public good and is an investment in people which will reap long lasting dividends”

The reason I’m standing as Labour’s candidate for Easington is because I believe that opportunities should exist for everyone.”