New home for Durham Deafened Support (DDS)

A support group for people with hearing problems has moved to new offices.

Durham Deafened Support (DDS) is now located at the heart of the community at Horden Social Welfare Centre.

The move is so the group can offer even more support to former miners who have been affected by industrial hearing loss which has left them deafened, unable to use the phone or listen to the television.

DDS offers a testing service to people who suffer from hearing problems, where the team’s three outreach workers conduct home visits so equipment can be used first to make sure it’s the right device for the individual.

Among the services provided by the DDS team include:

  • Lip-reading/support groups
  • Tinnitus Counselling
  • 1:1 and group support
  • Demonstrate hearing aid compatible phones
  • Show personal listeners so the deaf person can hear the TV without it being too loud for others
  • Help to understand how/why you can hear some things and not others.
  • Help claim for Attendance Allowance, PIP etc
  • Crafts
  • Short walks for the less able bodied
  • Social group for people with duel sensory loss

Approximately one in six people have hearing problems, with 80 per cent of them doing nothing about it. Call in to one of the drop-in sessions held every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 12pm. Attendance at the group is by referral only so please contact DDS before attending.

Other times by appointment only.