Anglo-Saxon fun at Durham Cathedral

Anglo-Saxon re-enactors will be visiting Durham Cathedral this weekend to share demonstrations of the skills and pastimes of traders, raiders and craftspeople during the time of St Cuthbert.

An educational and multi-sensory experience for everyone, this event ties into the launch of The Treasures of St Cuthbert exhibition in Open Treasure.

From Anglo-Saxon games, to painting using natural pigments, this event offers activities to enthral all ages and interests.

Learn about how the Saxons navigated to Britain, marvel at the 10m long ship, and find out about their advanced net-making and fishing skills.

Be transported back to the time of early settlements in Durham with demonstrations of building crafts and architectural techniques.

Experience the everyday life of famous historical figures such as St Cuthbert, Bede, and the ordinary people of Northumbria: grind flour using a quern stone, try on some Anglo-Saxon clothing, and even prepare yourself for battle against Viking and Pict raiders!

“This is the perfect hands-on event to bring a fascinating period of our history to light,” Charlotte Rowbotham, Head of Education at Durham Cathedral says, “and it brings our magnificent artefacts in The Treasures of St Cuthbert exhibition to life.”

Invaluable artefacts from the Anglo-Saxon period are now on permanent display in the new Treasures of St Cuthbert exhibition in the recently restored Great Kitchen, part of Open Treasure. Spectacular objects linked to St Cuthbert, such as his Anglo-Saxon wooden coffin and pectoral cross, tell the story of the centrality of St Cuthbert and his relics to the history of Durham Cathedral.

The Anglo-Saxon weekend runs on Saturday 12 August from 10.30am to 4pm, and on Sunday 13 August 12.30pm to 4pm. This free event is open to all, although there may be a small charge for some optional activities. For further information contact the Education Team at or call 01913744070.