Transgender show promises laughs as it comes to Bishop Auckland Town Hall

A new autobiographical play which takes a satirical look at transgender issues is coming to Bishop Auckland this weekend.

TESTOSTERONE is loosely based on the story of Kit Redstone from his first entrance into a male gym changing room at the age of 33 to the coming-of-age quest for a masculine identity.

The laugh out loud play from award-winning physical theatre company Rhum and Clay gives an intimate glimpse into his unique perspective on life, with Kit playing himself in the lead role.

“This is the first writing I’ve done which has been personal and I have to admit it’s a bit strange – although it is only loosely autobiographical so it doesn’t feel too weird,” he said.

“There is currently a media backlash about the trans community and a lot of it stems from ignorance or never having met a trans person.

“The expectation is that these trans stories are sad and traumatic and our show is a comedy which allows the audience to laugh with us about the absurdities.”

And he admits that although he has never been to the north east before, he’s looking forward to reaching a new audience this Saturday, 5 May.

“I don’t know the north very well at all but it’s an absolute pleasure to be here. People are so friendly and warm. It’s a far cry from London’s daily grind,” he added.

Rather than pay when booking, the audience are invited to pay the amount they think the show was worth at the end of the performance.

To book tickets for the show, which starts at 7.30pm, call the box office on 03000 269 524.