Targeted training is key to business growth and youth employment

As another six people secure jobs after completing pre-employment training with Peterlee-based GEM Training, Operations Director Maria Miller looks at the opportunities within regional manufacturing for people with the right skill set and why now more than ever, companies are choosing a targeted approach to training and recruitment to meet their long-term needs.

“Succession planning and an ageing workforce have long been issues for regional manufacturers.

However, there is a need to invest in young people, so we are addressing the skills gap and future succession planning. This will ensure we have fresh and enthusiastic trainees ready to fill the gap.

For regional manufacturers employing young, inexperienced people comes with its own set of challenges.

How do you know they’re going to be motivated, or prepared to push themselves every day? What happens if you invest your time in training them, only to find they don’t have the attitude or ability you’re looking for?

Time is money after all.

That’s why so many are now choosing bespoke pre-employment training packages to meet their recruitment needs.

At GEM Training we work with our clients to determine what they need as part of their long-term plans for growth, and then identify those people we think have the potential to be trained and educated to stand a real chance of securing employment at the end of the programme.

It’s about thinking about the roles available, and then tailoring our approach so that we have a ready-made workforce who can step straight into the positions available.

Our latest success has resulted in six people securing jobs with Washington-based manufacturer Snorkel. These people were all out of work, struggling to find opportunities that were right for them, but with the help of Tanya, Kelly and the GEM Training team they were put through an intensive programme and are now full time contracted employees.

Without doubt there are jobs out there. The key is to ensure you’re equipped with the skills, attitude and enthusiasm that make you stand out from the crowd.”