Martial arts sessions available for East Durham children

A Korean martial arts class for kids has arrived at Wingate Community Centre.

Master Kim Beom is now holding a Hapkido session at the centre every Monday night from 6-7pm.

Paul Bage Dawson is a student of Master Kim Beom and also an instructor. He said: “These sessions present a great opportunity for parents to bring their children to learn under the instruction of the ultimate authority of Hapkido in the UK and Europe.

“Hapkido is beneficial for everyone as it teaches and promotes good character qualities such as respect, honesty, and integrity, which will enable students to grow and develop into healthy respectable, well rounded individuals.

“The sessions are geared towards children so will be fun yet challenging, and beneficial in numerous ways, improving fitness, stamina, agility, flexibility and coordination.

“Hapkido also reduces stress, and builds confidence, concentration and mental agility.”

Master Kim Beom is a seventh Dan Korea Hapkido Federation Instructor and is the Chief Instructor of the Duk Moo Academy in the UK and Europe. He also holds a sixth Dan in Taekwondo and is an instructor for the World Taekwondo Federation.

He has studied Mudo for over 35 years and has been taught under the strict instruction of his father, Grand Master Kim Duk who has held positions such as director for the Korean Hapkido Federation. Master Kim has also worked at the Blue House, which is the Korean equivalent to the White House, where he provided security training, and has held special seminars and demonstrations all over the world.

Paul added: “Master Kim Beom is truly dedicated to promoting Korean Mudo in the UK and continues to work hard everyday to promote this country’s potential and reputation around the world.

“He has organised many prestigious national and international events in the North East, including the Korea Hapkido Federation European Championships as well as many special Hapkido and Taekwondo Grandmaster Seminars, with leading and pioneering Korean Grandmasters from Korea, USA, and Latin America.

“Training in Hapkido with the Duk Moo Academy is extremely beneficial as there are a great number of disciplines. Master Kim is hoping that the interest will not only grow for the children’s session, but aims to provide a session for adults providing there is adequate interest.”